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Sunday, November 19, 2006  

From "Blogging in Paris"...

My friend Claudef sent me a note on Flickr mail when I was in the hospitqal with pneumonia telling me that our common friend Meg from Mandarin Design had died...Here's a note from her blog, Blogging in Paris:

Where is Mandarin Design? follow-up

posted by Claude Covo-Farchi @ 9:58 pm

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Blogs and blogging

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Blogging in Paris


…another post trashed by Mandarin Design thanks to the Wayback Machine…

Last week, I was wondering what had happened to Mandarin Design. It definitely seems that Meg’s site has been discontinued, and it is too bad that this has happened.

Now, a few days ago, talking about finding what our sites used to be like, my friend Leo mentioned The Internet Archive Wayback Machine, a place where you can find the successive versions of different sites. Although we discussed that approximately at the same time as I realised that Mandarin Design was no more online, I didn’t connect the two bits of information.

Well, if you try to find Meg at Mandarin, her site is still here

This is in fact where I found the pullquote that you can see on the right of this post.

Another post, trashed by Mandarin.


posted by Gary Williams at 3:36 PM | link |

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